Why I want to blog…

Why I want to Blog. After several years in the construction industry whether it was as an employee of either a residential or commercial contractor or a remodeling business owner for the past 8 years, I have ran into a lot of situations and experiences that could be shared with others by way of a blog. Yes, I could keep this information to myself and come to your place to take care of potential issues and problems, charge you and go on my merry way.

One of my clients told me that I need to pass on what I know, she was talking about hiring and training someone up with my knowledge. I’m not quite ready for that yet, except maybe physically. I decided that over time to create some useful articles that can help you, help yourself in various ways and maybe save you some time, money and headache. I do field calls and if possible, try to assist potential clients over the phone to solve their issues without a visit and cost. It would be nice to say, “I wrote a blog on that very topic” and point them here to my website.

This will be a as time permits project. I am not sure what topics I will come up with and welcome suggestions. These articles will take some time to create, hopefully they will be useful to you as they get created. So, that is “Why I want to Blog.” Thanks for stopping by…


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